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The mission of an SEO consultant is to undertake the specialist SEO activities for which you dont have the skills in-house, while being as committed to your success as your own employees. They will be instrumental in both achieving, increasing and maintaining high organic rankings in Googles search engine and other search engines. Using an SEO Expert you'll find that the service is personalised, transparent and cost effective.

Most companies are initially concerned with rankings for specific keywords, but a good SEO consultant will focus on the bigger picture. SEO campaigns can take a little while to get up and running but the long term effect can have amazing effects on a businesses sales. By deploying a strategy and executing it correctly, the end result of abundant natural search traffic is a huge reward.

Failing to appear on Googles first page of results can greatly harm your businesss online traffic and conversion rates. SEO Consultants can make a real difference to your online business. Success relies on an integrated approach involving Paid and Content Marketing to support your SEO. Managing your SEO is a time-consuming and difficult task, even if you do it for a living.

Knowing what makes your company unique allows the SEO consultant to differentiate between different keywords, optimize your metadata with CTAs, leverage your assets, and provide suggestions for making your content more compelling and in-line with your companys unique offering. A good SEO consultant will perform various tasks as part of the SEO campaign such as; competitor research, SEO audit, On-page and Off-page SEO.

What should a good SEO consultant do?

Apart from climbing the search engines naturally, and staying there, what should a good SEO consultant do? Here are activities that an SEO consultant should undertake to take your website to the top of the search engine rankings:

  • Initial fact-finding and brainstorming sessions and analysing competitors using advanced keyword tools to find the right keywords for your business.
  • Invest in the best industry tools to audit your site and gather actionable insights that make a real difference to your bottom line.
  • Perform Keyword discovery and prioritise Keyword Targeting Strategy for head keyword verticals and long-tailed keyword phrases.
  • Focus on quality content that is useful, authoritative and promotes share-ability.
  • Keep abreast of industry updates and implementing innovative strategies takes time, which is why many businesses come to us for SEO consulting.
  • Optimize content to rank well in voice search and in Google Mobile-first Index.
  • Backward engineer what your competition is doing and discover opportunities to rank your site better.
  • Build backlinks (Without building good-quality backlinks it is extremely difficult to rank near the top of Googles organic search listings; unless it is for a low-traffic relatively obscure search term.)

SEO is an ongoing process requiring time, effort and expertise. You need to use a proven strategy thats going to work for your specific business. SEO consultants, even from the top SEO agency, don't have control over the search engines, and algorithms are always changing. They will aim to improve your positions through careful and detailed analysis of your chosen keywords, locations and adverts.

SEO is not a problem that you can just throw money at. The top SEO expert will enjoy educating their clients in the basics of Search Engine Optimisation because that way their business is best-placed to understand the enormous benefits of SEO and online marketing. Working with the same external consultant for a long period has its benefits. SEO experts can also review your social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

SEO can be a tricky part of online marketing, especially to smaller businesses, but it can also be a vital tool in increasing your sites traffic and boosting your sales and services. More and more businesses like yours are realising the importance of being found on Google and are turning to specialist online marketing consultants to help them navigate through the digital minefield that is search engine optimisation.

SEO is designed to increase your visibility in organic searches, that is, those that are not paid. Creating fresh, authoritative, and relevant content is the key to SEO success. If you want your business to rise up the Google rankings and stay there, bringing you a stream of quality traffic, then go with a trustworthy, experienced freelance SEO consultant that follows the Google quality guidelines. Consulting services vary based on individual needs, company size, industry and existing competitors.

Only hire the services of an SEO Agency if your business plan can justify the investment and expense. If you dont know how long you will need an SEO consultant, you can put them on a retainer, or you can discuss it with them before you hire them. Sometimes a generic online marketing agency can work in unison with a technical SEO consultant and this can work well. Getting to the top of Google is difficult, but very lucrative once you reach it.

Most businesses will be best served by hiring an SEO consultant to get them set up with SEO and provide an understanding of how to maintain a high SEO score. In an ideal world, all clients would have the time and budget to focus on everything from link building, content, digital PR, technical SEO and even UX but its often unrealistic to do so within budget and time constraints. If youre looking for the ultimate partner, then look at who ranks within the local area for SEO + Location and make an informed decision there.